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Exam Code: 300-165
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
Q&As: 165

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300-165 dumps

Pass4itsure Cisco 300-165 Dumps Exam Questions – 100% Success Guaranteed

1.An attacker has compromised a Linux/Unix host and discovers a suspicious file called “password” that
has no file extension.
What command can be used to determine the filetype?
A. filetype
B. file
C. filer
D. fileext
300-165 exam Answer: B
2.Below is a packet capture from Wireshark showing 2 equivalent MAC address in the Source field. Box 1
shows “Asustek…” while Box 2 shows “00:1a:92..”.?
-Wireshark can determine these are equivalent because MAC addresses can be mapped to
A. Operating systems (and variants)
B. Computer names
D. Vendors
Answer: D
3.What is the correct syntax to query under which service a user account is running?
A. sc.exe \\ qc <service>
B. sc.exe \\ <service>
C. net start \\ qc
D. net start W192.168.1.1
300-165 dumps Answer: A
4.What file indicates and controls where system logs are stored?
A. pam.conf
B. smb.conf
C. authlog.conf
D. syslog.conf
Answer: D
5.The command “grep password *” searches for

A. The word “password” in all files in the current directory.
B. The character “*” in the file “password”.
C. The word “password” in all files in the current directory and all subdirectories.
D. All passwords in the file named “*”.
300-165 pdf Answer: A
6.The following output is generated from cat /etc/shadow:
What hashing algorithm is used to protect the root password?
A. Crypt (DES)
B. MD5
C. Blowfish
Answer: D
7.In computer security, a small piece of code that acts as a payload in which an attacker can control a
remote machine is called
A. A buffer overflow.
B. A NOP sled.
C. Shell code.
D. Stack overflow.
300-165 vce Answer: C
8.A person connects to a web application via a mobile device. What request header name can this
application use determine which device the person is using?
A. Referer
B. User agent
C. Connection
D. Host
Answer: B
9.What is the proper syntax for enumerating non-hidden shares on a host?
A. net view /domain
B. net view /domain:{domain}
C. net view \\{target}
D. net use \\{target}\ipc$ “” /u:””
300-165 exam Answer: C
10.What is the term used for a technique that runs code within the address space of another process by
forcing it to bad a library?

A. Address space layout randomization
B. Overwriting HP
C. DLL injection
D. SQL injection
Answer: C
11.What Microsoft utility encrypts the hashed passwords in a SAM database using 128-bit encryption?
C. Syskey
D. Kerberos
Answer: C
12.An attacker has just compromised a Linux host. What command can be used to determine the
distribution of Linux?
A. cat /etc/crontab
B. cat /etc/passwd
C. cat/etc/issue
D. cat /etc/shadow
300-165 dumps Answer: C
13.What is NOT a possible cross-site request forgery attack vector?
A. Captchas
B. Cross-site scripting
C. Email
Answer: A
14.The Xscan tool is a
A. X Windows Brute Forcer
B. Keylogger for X Windows
C. Keylogger for Mac OS X D. Multi OS port scanner
Answer: B
15.Under UNIX, Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAN) can be used to
A. Implement strong password management.
B. Crack password hashes from /etc/shadow.
C. Crack password hashes from /etc/passwd.
D. Create a certificate authority (CA).

300-165 pdf Answer: A
16.What is the quickest protocol to brute force when attacking Windows?

Answer: C
17.The datapipe and fpipe tools can be used for
A. Port scanning. B.
Port redirection.
C. Passing the hash.
D. Directory traversal.
300-165 vce Answer: B
18.What is the basis for Cisco Type 7 passwords?
A. Asymmetric key cryptography
B. Symmetric key cryptography
C. One-way hashing
D. Encoding

19.What is the magic number for a Linux binary?
300-165 exam Answer: D
20.Horizontal privilege escalation is a vulnerability of authorization where users act at a privilege level
A. Above one they are entitled to act.
B. Below one they are entitled to act.
C. That they are entitled to but only as a different user.
D. That transfers across another application.
Answer: C
21.If a Motorola access point induces a 50 mW RF signal onto a 3 dBi antenna, what
will be the resulting EIRP of the transmitted signal?
A. 0 dBm
B. 3 dBm
C. 20 dBm
D. 50 mW
E. 50 dBm
300-165 dumps Answer: C
22.Which of the following statements is NOT considered to be a best practice with
respect to the wired backbone serving the WLAN?
A. When performing manual configuration of a point-to-point Ethernet link, ensure
that both the speed and the duplex mode settings on the two ports match.
B. When creating a link between Ethernet 10/100BASE-T or 10/100/1000BASE-T
ports, enable (or accept the default of) auto-negotiation on both ports.
C. When creating a link between Gigabit Ethernet fiber ports, enable (or accept the
default of) auto-negotiation.
D. When creating a link between Gigabit Ethernet fiber ports, disable auto
negotiation on both ports.
Answer: D
23.You are deploying a new system and are creating the RF Domain(s). Which of the
following options would you use to group the APs into the same domain?
A. By VLAN, where all APs are on the same subnet.
B. By site, which can be a location where the group of installed APs can hear each
other’s beacons.
C. By name, so they can be easily sorted in the tree view of the controller.
D. By deployment phase, so configurations can be accidentally pushed to newly
installed APs.
300-165 pdf Answer: A

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